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Wednesday 01 February 2023

Folks, This is an archive front page (from 1999) only. 2004 was a year of "challenges" with my server arrangment. I'm having to rewrite a tremendous amount of code. The Guest Book doesn't work and neither do most of the links. The web counter never did! *snicker*. Okay, enough *whining*.

I now have a new server host - CCISP2004 Redesign and have been working hard to salvage and upload my portfolio. Unfortunately, that means, this is the last site to get done. (Gotta pay the bills! *laff*) Good news is I know I can reinstall most of the 2004 redesign I had up *intermintently* throughout last year.

Thank You for your patience and I promise you'll be pleased with the new design ~ lots of links and tons of pictures from Habitat, India, Construction & Woodworking Projects, Kids Korner, Runes, et al. --- AND --- a whole new section on Genealogy.

Grace & Peace,



This Would Be Me    This would be me looking too "gosh darned" serious (genetic defect). Actually I was having the time of my life LMAO chatting on Dalnet's IRC. Skeify - who had driven over from Ohio - snapped the pix while Dinamite teased me mercilessly.

   Down below is a shot of me N*O*T being too serious, but that's because I was on the road ~.~ one of my "fave" things to do ~.~ with Frank E. G. visiting Jo in Carlisle. Papa's got a right to be happy, too, ya know. *snicker*

   Welcome to my "home". I hope what you find here will be enjoyable. I have more interests than a sane man should have. Scattered below are some links to some special things, places and people. Along the way, I'll share some of my journey --- in bite-sized form  : ).

This Would Be Too, during wilder days! After much hemming and hawing, I've taken the plunge, set aside fear and gone independent, full time. My new domain is and from the links below you can see me strut my stuff.

I really do believe "they" invented the internet just to make this digital junkie totally addicted. After all, this is the kind of guy who starves without the written word in eyesight. And, yes, I do read the cereal box --- when nothing else is at hand.

   Let me know what you like, and if ya have to, what ya don't.    *laff* ~.~   Sign the guest registry!   ~.~

   Take a moment to click into my sponsors' sites --- it's painless, without obligation and keeps me stocked up with MoonPies and RC Cola, besides ... ya just never know what new and fascinating things ya might find!!!

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Wednesday 01 February 2023

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