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Building Blocks Daycare Center


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Chief Administrator | Program Director | Parent Advisory Group

Scott D. Kornblum,  Chief Administrator
Brenda L. Kornblum,  Vice President

The Kornblum Family Building Blocks Daycare Center Inc. is the dream realized by Scott and Brenda Kornblum - shown here with the "REASONS" they started the Center - daughter, Rachael and son, Logan. After Rachael was born, Scott and Brenda decided to return from Pittsburgh to the Eastern Shore.

 While researching the market in the Wicomico County, MD and Sussex County, DE areas, the need for child care became clear. Drawing on their backgroounds, Scott (business management) and Brenda (accounting) realized beyond the raw need for care, in general, was an even greater need for the type of environment in which they wanted their own daughter to develop.

Building Blocks was incorporated on October 21, 1994. Scott and Brenda welcomed the birth of Logan in December of 1995. After months of planning and building the Center opened its doors in April 1996.

Scott and Brenda are active in the community. Both participate in the annual Delmar Day in the Park. Brenda is an active member of the Eastern Shore Medical Group Management Association and the Delmar Lioness Club. Scott is the President of the Greater Delmar Chamber of Commerce. Rachael and Logan both attend Building Blocks full-time.

Anna Scovell,  Program Director

The Center's program is directed by Anna Scovell. One of the most important criteria in selecting
a daycare/preschool facility is the program that it provides.

Anna's impressive background in Early Childhood and Adult Education includes a Masters degree in Education along with extensive experience in teaching, professional associations, activities and awards.

Parent Advisory Board

Chairpersons   Dawn and Ed Hendershot
Co-Chairs   Chris and Pat Shaner
Treasurers   Lisa and Jon Cargo
Secretary   Anna Scovell

First formed in September 1997, parents and teachers met to create a group to promote the interests of the Center. The vision for this group includes, but is not limited to; being a forum to explore ideas and concerns, fundraising, program ideas and special events, staff retention, recruitment of new families, public relations and advertising, and transportation.

Some of "methods" under consideration to achieve these goals include the creation of a members phone tree, bulletin board in the front foyer for PAG information and a list of materials needed for each classroom.

This group is similar to a P.T.A. and their first task is to set a mission and develop guidelines to support quality care at Building Blocks. Every parent is welcome to join this group.

Building Blocks Daycare Center, Inc.
Route1, Box 538-5  Delmar,DE 19940
Fax: 302-846-0166


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