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Building Blocks Daycare Center

General Information

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Most of us really would rather be home with our children during the week. Building Blocks Daycare strives to provide an alternative filled with love, care and security.....a place providing the perfect balance between laughter and learning, structure and flexibility, encouragement and guidance, respect and self-reliance.

The Facility

The Center is new, clean and custom built to be a daycare center. Building Blocks was built to exceed current building and safety standards. The Center hosts a sprinkler system along with "state of the art" burglar, fire and smoke alarms tied directly into central station monitoring. Each of the 12 classrooms has its own emergency exit to the outside in addition to the main entrances from the central open area. Creativity was emphasized in all aspects of construction, even to the point of the children can actually see how a building is constructed! Some of the features of our facility include...

Buildiing Blocks

Indoor and outdoor play space
Emergency exit from each room
Burglar, fire, smoke and sprinkler systems
Refrigerator, microwave and bathroom in each classroom
Bright, airy and colorful

Center Bus

Convenient Location

Building Blocks Daycare Center is located right off U.S. Route 13 in Delmar, Delaware. We are on Stage Road, behind FurnitureLand, and across the highway from the State Line Shopping Plaza and Food Lion. We're just five minutes north of the Centre at Salisbury mall and only eleven minutes north of downtown Salibury, Maryland.

Programs and Hours of Operation

Building Blocks Daycare Center offers Programs for:
Drop-in care
Before and After School
Summer (for school age, too!)
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We accept children from six weeks through 12 years of age.

Open: Monday - Friday 7am till 6pm

Building Blocks Daycare Center, Inc.
Route1, Box 538-5  Delmar,DE 19940
Fax: 302-846-0166


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