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Building Blocks

Let Professor Kid guide you!
Building Blocks Daycare Center, Inc.
Route 1, Box 538-5
Delmar, DE 19940
Fax 302-846-0166
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General Information
Most of us would rather be home with our children during the week. Since that is not always possible, now there is a nurturing alternative providing parents with the peace of mind that their children are spending their days in a loving, caring and secure environment.
The Program
We believe we have a responsibility to the children to provide a safe and nurturing environment where children can begin their long journey of growth and learning - One Building Block, at a Time.

News and Events
Field Trips and Special Activities enhance the busy schedule of Building Blocks. Structured to coordinate with our Monthly themes and learning programs, these activities are thoughtfully geared to promote the emotional, cognitive, physical and social development of the children.
Themes, Songs, Poems
A selection of themes and the lyrics to songs as well as poems we use to encourage the children in a well rounded exploration of their environment. The Staff is committed to providing the very best possible experience for your child.
An overview of the owners - Scott and Brenda Kornblum and the "reasons" they started Building Blocks. Also find information on our Program Director and the "new" Parent Advisory Board
Center Policy
An overview of Center Policies on Child Discipline and Child Abuse and Neglect. Includes a link to the State of Delaware's Delacare Requirements for Day Care Centers
Internet Links
Cool Internet Sites for Parents and Kids! Internet Safety. Cool things for kids.
Web Site Awards
A special page for the recognition we have received.

  Building Blocks Daycare Center, Inc.
Route1, Box 538-5  Delmar,DE 19940
Fax: 302-846-0166

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