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Building Blocks Daycare Center

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November News

November's theme is HARVEST. We will be focusing on the following topics.
November 3 - 7 Farm and Giving Thanks
November 10 - 14 Pilgrims and Freedom
November 17 - 21 Native Americans and Friendship
November 24 - 26 Feast

NOTICES: We will be hosting parent-teacher conferences for parents with preschoolers, ages 2 to 5, on Tuesday, November 18. Please schedule an appointment to visit with your child's teacher or caregiver to discuss the program and your child's growth and development at the center.

Clothing: Parents please remember to replace change of clothes with seasonal clothing. Include underwear, socks, warm pants and tops, hooded sweatshirt or sweater, hats and gloves. Many cubbies are bare and do not have change of clothing. Toddlers learning to use potty need to wear sweat pants for easy pull up and down. We prefer not using pull-up diapers, regular diapers are more convenient.

We will be celebrating Thanksgiving on Tuesday, November 25 between 11AM and 12 Noon in the Playspace. All family members are welcome to join us for this special event. We will be asking for assistance to set up the Playspace and welcome any traditional covered dishes for this feast. Sign-up sheets will be on classroom doors.

The Parent Advisory Group (PAG) will be meeting this same evening, Tuesday, November 25, at 7 PM in the Playspace. Officers for PAG and minutes of this meeting are posted on the bulletin board. This group is similar to a P.T.A. and their first charge is to set a mission and develop guidelines to support quality care at Building Blocks. EVERY parent is welcome to join this group.

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