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Building Blocks Daycare Center

The Program

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The Program at Building Blocks is based on encouragement and support, with a commitment to allow children to develop to their fullest potential at their own pace. We believe we have a responsibility to the children to provide a safe and nurturing environment where they can begin their journey of growth and learning.

Preschool Programs

Before and After School Programs

Responsible Professional Teachers

Multi-Cultural Awareness

We encourage the individual child's development, accepting that children are different in their developmental abilities, attitudes, beliefs and physical characteristics. We give each child an oppurtunity to develop into the best person he or she can be, regardless of their differences.

Colorful Stimulating Environment

Large Indoor Play Space for Gross Motor Delvelopment

Learning Through Active Play in Age-appropriate Activities

Computer Play

We feel children learn best through active play and participation in their environment. It is our job to provide the safe and healthful care of each child promoting emotional, cognitive, physical and social development.

A child benefits when she or he is exposed to the How's and Why's of the environment. Building Blocks is designed to be a colourful and stimulating environment, not a baby-sitting service.

Early Childhood Education

Sensory Stimulation

Learning Centers

Building Blocks has at its foundation the desire to help children understand and grow within their surroundings. Once the foundation is laid, the child can learn to make positive contributions to their environment.

The name Building Blocks Daycare Center really incorporates our philosophy! Building one block at a time - each child will learn the building blocks necessary for their future.

Building Blocks Daycare Center, Inc.
Route1, Box 538-5  Delmar,DE 19940
Fax: 302-846-0166


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